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2008-10-06 ~ 2008-10-12
Tamkang e-Times No.726
The 3rd Northern Collegiate Badminton Friendship Match held by TKU Badminton Society Club took place at Student Activity Center on Sep. 27. 12 teams from 9 colleges including Fu Jen Catholic University, Ming Chuan University, and China Institute of Technology joined the contest. 4 teams represented TKU, in which team A and team B stood out from formidable opponents and maintained the same good grades as that of the 2nd Match, winning the first and third place again. The contest was for the best of 5 matches (male singles, female singles, male doubles, female doubles, and mixed doubles). Team that won more than three matches won the championship. TKU team A had good performance at the beginning, but in the semifinals, although it held home-field advantage and won two matches, it was defeated by Chinese Culture University in the third match. However, the players of team A were not influenced by the temporary failure. Instead, it aroused their will to fight, and they beat the opponent in male doubles, winning decisively by 3 to 1 to become this year’s champion. Captain of TKU team A, Chuang Sheng-han, a senior of Dept. of Transportation Management, thinks that although the most important thing of playing badminton is to learn team cooperation and to unite the club members, they still feel happy to win the first and third place again. TKU team B confronted the strong adversary from Chinese Culture University, and lost the first round because of the overwhelmed pressure derived from the fear. Fortunately, the players settled down themselves in the second round and defeated Ming Chuan University by 3 to 2, promoting to the higher rank of the contest. Finally, in the finals, they played the game step by step, winning the third place in the end. In addition, a beginner team composed by the members who just joined TKU Badminton Society this year participated in the match, too, which is the first large scale competition they took part in. However, they were not scared of their opponents and fought each match with all the strength. “I was really proud of them,” said Leader of TKU Badminton Society Sun Ping-lien, a sophomore of Dept. of Transportation Management. Chuang Hao-han, a member of beginner team and a sophomore of Statistics, had shoulder dislocation because of her violent movement when she tried hard to catch the ball that fell in the distance during the match against Shih Chien University. The seniors immediately gave her ice compress treatment, which moved her very much. “I felt that I could totally rely on the seniors because they would calmly deal with any abrupt situation,” Chuang said, “and under their careful and tender care, my wound seemed to be recovered soon.”
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