Healthy & Safe School in Tamkang University
Safe School Program: PA

A. About Physical Activity
  • Performance Goal
    • Advocate and offer sports, luxury and physical education courses. Enhance the physical and mental health through physical activities. Stipulate the safety regulation for personnel, activities and sports utilities.
  • Primary Job Content
    • Organize sports related courses and games.
    • Manage and maintain the safety of gymnasium, instrument and facilities.
    • Provide physical education teaching plans and course progress records.
    • Monitor the health condition of teachers and students through the promotion and follow-up on physical fitness.
B. Physical Activity Features
  • Framework
    • Set up Physical Education Instruction Section and Physical Education Activities Section under the Office of Physical Education.
    • All physical education teachers and coaches received CPR and entry-level first-aid trainings.
  • Policy & Regulations
    • Stipulate safety regulation and guidelines on physical education instruction, exercise facilities, and sports courts.
    • Stipulate guidelines on equipment loans during physical education instructions or activities.
  • Programs
    • Set 2006 as Tamkang Physical Activity Year and promote exercise for everyone.
    • Aggressively organize health and fitness enhancement activities for teachers and students including a physical fitness inspection for all 1st-year freshmen.
    • Utilize the local environmental uniqueness to promote the ocean activity learning opportunities on campus.
    • Investigate and design a campus exercise map.
  • Documents
    • Draft a physical education course curriculum and teaching proposal before implementation.
    • Keep a comprehensively activity record upon implementation.
    • Construct an injury databank for dangerous events occurred during physical activities.
  • Evaluation
    • Statistically analyze the sports injuries.
    • Record the health condition of teachers and students via individual fitness care passport.
  • Sharing
    • Continue the “exercise for everyone” campaign during the Physical Activity Year to increase the exercise population.
    • Host speeches and seminars on physical activities and invite experts for speeches.
    • Share the teaching resources to support the club activities in school.

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