Safe School Program

Safe School Culture(SSC)

A. About Safe School Culture

Performance Goal
  • Facilitate the promotion of health and safety affairs in school. Coordinate the dissimilation of school health and safety concept and the establishment of relevant policies.
Primary Job Content
  • The ex-officio convener of the school/community health and safety teams is served by the Headmaster. Additional school health and safety promotion teams are also established in school where the Vice President for Administrative Affairs serves as the convener.
  • Responsible departments and individual representatives are assigned for each team.
  • Develop the improvement project for the priority topic of the year.
  • Monitor and inspect the progress of safe education and conduct evaluation on the projects.

  • Established a health & safety school promotion team and assigned tasks according to rank of duties.
  • Upon discussion by members of the promotion team, the safety issue for this year is agreed– improvement of traffic environment surrounding the campus.
Policy & Regulations
  • Formulate the Guidelines for Establishing the Healthy & Safe School Promotion Team.
  • Stipulate policies, guidance, and guidelines relevant to campus health and safety. Reinforce the regulations on teaching and activities.
  • The Vice President for Administrative Affairs serves as the convener of the promotion team. The Dean of General Affairs serves as the executive secretary that is in charge of the execution of programs.
  • Collaborate with the Project for Excellence by the Department of Education to promote sub-projects such as "community care".
  • Reinforce the “service education courses” and "community service learning courses". Encourage students to participate in the school and community services.
  • Prepare and document information relevant to the programs in accordance with the Campus Safety and Hazard Report Guidance announced by the Ministry of Education.
  • Still lacks of a comprehensive accident injury databank (including intentional and non-intentional injuries) for analysis on the frequency and cause of injuries.
  • Propose effective improvement projects based on the factors frequently associated with accidents on and off campus and followed up on the results.
  • Establish an internal (group members) and an external (advisory committees) evaluation mechanism such as presentations at committee meetings.
  • Organize regular safe school promotion group meeting.
  • Aggressively participate in city, community or school health and safety seminars.

Safety promotion in the earlier years

Our school has had many health and safety promotion experiences under the operation of the safety and health committees and the administrative organization in charge of school affairs. For example, to ensure proper care of campus environment and health of teachers and students, several committees such as environmental protection committee, safety and health committee, catering advisory committee, ISO14001 environmental management system promotion committee, gender equity education committee and traffic safety education committee have been established since 1996 to sufficiently promote affairs involving campus health and safety. The primary subjects include:

  • Educational promotion on environmental safety and sanitation
    Facilitate, for instance, annual trainings for protection divisions every semester to implement crisis prevention and rescue trainings and accentuate the awareness and precaution of crisis among teachers and students.
  • Educational promotion on security regulation
    Our school has organized a series of promotional events on life education every semester since 2000. The theme of each monthly topic was disseminated through speeches, posters and Tamkang Times in order to facilitate the development of a safety and law-abiding attitude among teachers and students.
  • Implementation of service education courses
    Since the commencement of service education courses in 2001, students were responsible for cleaning the campus and the surrounding community environments. They will learn the meaning of service education through actual actions and in addition will help establish a positive interaction between the school and communities.
  • Health promotions and examinations
    Organize events such as freshmen health examination and health examination for staffs and students every semester. Offer diverse activities such as physical and mental health promotion seminars, consultations and sports tournaments.
health promotion seminar-1
health promotion seminar-2
Advancement towards the health and safety school

In October 2005, Neihu, Tungshih, Alishan, and Fengbin communities in Taiwan were approved by the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion and become one of the world safe community members. Starting then, the enhancement of health and safety has extensively gained weight among communities and schools and has also inspired Tamkang University in achieving the goal of advancing towards a safe school. In January 2006, the Taiwanese Community Safety Promotion Center was officially put into operation to assist and facilitate the implementation of community safety and school safety projects. In the same year, to respond to the School Safety Promotion Pioneering Project of the Bureau of Health Promotion, Executive Yuan, that advocates the promotion of school safety, “traffic safety” was agreed after the administrative meeting as the core of school safety development. The “Guidance on Establishing Tamkang University Traffic Safety Education Committee” was announced on Jan 10th under which the “Tamkang University Traffic Safety Education Committee” was established. The committee was chaired by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs who is responsible for reviewing, supervising, executing and discussing issues involving traffic safety education and the school safety promotion mechanism was officially initiated.

Organization adjustment and advancement

To adapt to the international trend and current demands, Tamkang University has been trying to systematically integrate school safety promotion projects since 2008. The “Guidelines for Establishing Tamkang University School Health and Safety Task Promotion Team” was stipulated and announced for the purpose of creating a health and safety oriented campus environment and upgrading the overall campus safety as well as the physical and mental health condition of teachers and students. Additional task promotion teams were also established under the guidelines and were chaired by the highest command in school that is responsible for integrating the function of all departments. All task promotion teams convened on May 29th to continually facilitate the implementation of health and safety issues. The primary job contents of the task promotion teams are as follows:

  • To convene regularly
  • To determine the school safety priority topic
  • To collect and analyze data for the school safety priority topic
  • To collect data for the 42 benchmark matrix
  • To collect and construct the databank for school safety topic data
  • To inspect the school safety task items
  • To review the school safety education projects
  • To suffice the teaching facilities for school safety education
  • To supervise each safe school teaching facility
  • To execute the projects determined upon by the task promotion teams
  • To review the execution outcome from the previous meeting
  • To review the improvements involved in the school safety education
  • Other school safety promotion topics
'Tamkang University School Health and Safety Task Promotion Team' announced