Safe School Program

Safety Environment(SE)

A. About Safety Environment

Performance Goal
  • Improve the risk and safety factors of the hardware facilities on campus and in the surrounding environment. Improve and regulate the campus environmental safety maintenance process.
Primary Job Content
  • Install and manage barrier-free spaces on campus.
  • Inspect and repair buildings and equipment on campus and reinforce the traffic safety control and maintenance.
  • Maintain and manage the campus safety monitoring system.
  • Implement the ISO14001 environmental management system.

  • Establish the Center for Environmental Protection, Safety, and Health to assist the environmental and safety tasks.
  • The Construction and Repairs Section is in charge of building safety. The Traffic Control and Security Section is in charge of campus safety control.
  • Complete the establishment of Environmental Safety Committee, Traffic Safety Education Committee and etc.
Policy & Regulations
  • Promote the prevention of laboratory pollution and reduction of waste discharge on campus.
  • Set relevant safe environment guidelines and programs such as the Construction Project and Staff Management Guidance.
  • Design an appropriate traffic pattern such as a system of separate lanes for pedestrians and cars and a vehicle restricted area.
  • Construct a barrier-free campus environment (friendly space).
  • Install campus safety prevention equipment based on safety demands.
  • Prompt notification of facility damages and malfunctions to the Office of General Affairs.
  • Provide motorcycle pick-up service between the MRT station and school at nights.
  • Establish routine inspection records for each hardware facility.
  • Keep record of all environmental management documents in accordance to the ISO 14001 guidelines.
  • Regularly announce the environmental management audit result of each unit.
  • Conduct investigations on campus locations where accidents take place frequently.
  • Organize regular safe school promotion group meeting.
  • Host seminars and trainings on environmental safety issues and invite experts for speech.
ISO 14001
Motocycle safty camp
Safe Driving Advocacy


Of the traffic accidents in Taiwan, those involved motorcycles are usually with the highest percentage of mortality. The reason is nothing but the high percentage of motorcycle riding in Taiwan. The percentage of motorcycle accidents in young individuals between the age of 18 and 24 is not only just the highest among all age groups; it is also much higher than them.

According to the statistic data of student group insurance claims filed between 2006 and 2008, a similar result to the overall social condition was also observed. Traffic accidents alone have caused injuries in 122, 116, 143, and 94 students in the four semesters between the 2nd half of 2006 and June 13th, 2008, respectively, based on the insurance claims. Traffic accidents have ranked number 1 among all accidents every semester.

The scope of the project includes the improvement of street environment for Ta-chung St., Shu-yuan St. Section 2 and Hsueh-fu Rd. complemented by the increased police patrol in order to reduce the number of violations by drivers who think they might get lucky. Combine the extensive accident injury prevention promotions and tangible/intangible resources from the surrounding communities to construct a comprehensive campus safety protection network in order to protect the health and safety of teachers and students.

The Case Study of Pilot Project Implementation (3E projects) 2008 Healthy and Safe School – Tamkang University project Promotion topic: improvement of traffic environment surrounding the campus
  • Enforcement
    1. Strengthen the function of promotion team. Distribute tasks and control the progress of project.
      Strengthen the operation of the health & safety school promotion team under the existing basis.
    2. Propose strategies to reduce the ratio of traffic accidents in students.
      Develop interventions that can effectively reduce the ratio of traffic accidents.
    3. Coordinate external units and resources to assist the improvement of surrounding environment.
      Integrate local government and community forces to bring in tangible and intangible resources.
  • Environment
    1. Improve the traffic environment at the north side entrance (Ta-chung St,).
      Rearrange the traffic pattern at the entrance for the safety consideration for teacher and student.
    2. Reduce the sense of pressure for pedestrians caused by the number of buses passing through during rush hours.
      Cover the water ditch by the north side entrance with a lid to increase the bus waiting space.
    3. Separate lanes for pedestrians and cars.
      Implement a system of separate lanes for pedestrians and cars.
    4. Eliminate street corners that are accident prone.
      Eliminate the physical factors that may endanger the traffic safety of cars and pedestrians.
  • Education
    1. Strengthen the effect of Traffic Safety Month promotion events.
      Utilize new forms of promotion media in the existing promotion events to enhance the function of education promotion.
    2. Facilitate the training and duty service of traffic volunteers.
      Train students as the major force of traffic volunteer team. Utilize peer strength to facilitate influence.
    3. Collaborate with the neighboring schools to expand the promotion events for traffic safety education.
      Integrate resources among schools in the Tamsui district to share demonstrations and materials for traffic safety promotion with each other.
    4. Encourage students to develop creative thinking and improve the quality of learning environment through participation.
      Host creative design for campus environment competition.
accident chart(2006.08~2008.07)
dangerous traffic environment around campus