Safe School Program

Crisis Response(CR)

A. About Crisis Response

Performance Goal
  • Formulate emergency response plans and conduct actual drills. Reinforce the school safety protection to reduce the occurrence rate of accidental events.
Primary Job Content
  • Organize a system of center for school safety and advisory committee.
  • Schedule 24-hr on-duty military instructors and staffs.
  • Develop relevant hazard prevention plans and drills against different types of hazards.
  • Establish a hazard prevention network and transfer mechanism.

  • Plan and organize the Center for Campus Safety (advisory committee).
  • Establish a crisis prevention resource network and rescue support network with the district police units.
Policy & Regulations
  • Stipulate crisis prevention programs which include response procedures, personnel trainings and simulation drills.
  • Plan the storage of crisis prevention and rescue equipment.
  • Plan shelters and evaluation routes for teachers and students.
  • Schedule 24-hr on-duty military instructors in charge of reporting campus safety events.
  • Establish a prevention group to organize regular campus crisis and safety drills.
  • Construct a campus safety reporting system or facility.
  • Put together task forces for handling common natural disasters (such typhoon).
  • Compile records for the campus safety reporting system.
  • Record the response against each simulated scenario during drills.
  • Design a campus dangerous location map.
  • Conduct data analysis on relevant records. Review and lay down improvement plans accordingly.
  • Maintain a close relation with each public and private institution in order to integrate resources.
  • Participate in the International safe community and safe school seminars.
  • Share experiences with domestic colleges and universities.
24-hr on-duty military instructors
natural disasters handling
hazard prevention