Safe School Program

Community Partnership(CP)

A. About Community Partnership

Performance Goal
  • Construct a connective network that originates from school and extends to community groups. The purpose of which is to work together towards a healthy and safe community environment.
Primary Job Content
  • Invite community members or experts from outside the school to participate in the meetings or serve as members of the task teams.
  • Participate in the Tamsui Health City relevant meetings.
  • Host community discussions to seek mutual agreement.
  • Join force with the Tamsui Township Health Center or McKay General Hospital to organize safe education promotions together.
safe education seminar
safe education promotions

  • Invite local or community members to join the promotion team.
  • Organize regular seminars for freshmen at the beginning of each semester to introduce the school and the policies to students and parents.
Policy & Regulations
  • Establish a contact channel with the nearby hospitals and emergency rescue units.
  • Organize irregular community meetings to discuss community issues.
  • Collaborate with Tamsui Township Health Center and Mackay Memorial Hospital to promote health care and safe prevention.
  • Organize and train student clubs and volunteers to assist communities in promoting heath and injury prevention education.
  • Routinely collect the off-campus injury statistic data. Report to and notify the community of the results.
  • Statistically analyze the number of injuries incurred by students in the community.
  • Evaluate comments and suggestions from the community residents and incorporate them into the surrounding traffic environment improvement project.
  • Participate in the International safe community and safe school seminars.
  • Participate in domestic school communitisation seminars.
communitisation seminars-photo1
communitisation seminars-photo2