Safe School Program

Health Service(HS)

A. About Health Service

Performance Goal
  • Offer proper medical care and professional consultation service during accidents. Establish an intentional/ non-intentional injury data system.
Primary Job Content
  • Integrate on-campus medical resources to provide emergency resuscitation care.
  • Offer professional consultations and a psychological counseling channel.
  • Establish a student injury and disease transfer mechanism.
  • Register regular injuries and accidents in order to develop an analysis application system.

  • Stationed on-campus full-time doctors, campus nurses and social workers to provide physical and mental health consultation and care for teachers and students.
  • Strengthen the collaboration with Tamsui Township Health Center, community hospitals and Mackay Memorial Hospital to achieve a joint medical support agreement.
physical and mental health consultation
 Medical Support-Mackay Memorial Hospital
Policy & Regulations
  • Stipulate sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention regulation.
  • Lay down the service guidelines for the Sanitation and Fitness Section.
  • Provide diverse consultation methods and channels.
  • Purchase group insurance for students.
  • Construct a basic health databank for students based on the entrance physical exam conducted for freshmen.
  • Establish an injury and illness medical referral mechanism for students which includes follow- up management.
  • Manage and keep track on special diseases and provide a medical transfer service.
  • Regularly collect, manage and conduct injury and illness statistic analysis.
  • Further expansion on the content of data input sheet is required in order to establish a student accident injury databank.
  • Hire expert consultants to assess the level of health service provided by the university.
  • Analyze and evaluate the decline in the ratio of major accident injuries among teachers and students.
  • Organize regular safe school promotion group meeting.
  • Share the collaborative medical service model between the TKU and outside communities with other colleges and universities.
Construct a basic health databank for freshmen

Since our school campus is an open space, it is difficult to strictly control the type of civilians that pass through the campus. There are several dark locations that may endanger the safety of teachers and students, especially female staffs and students. Furthermore, most students can only walk or take a taxi after the public transportation service stopped. As a result, the Traffic Control and Security Section purchased two 125c.c. motorcycles at the end of 2005 to provide free escort service to teachers and students at night in order to ensure the safety and convenience of females who return late at night.

The escort service is between 9pm and 5am. Teachers and students in need of the service can call the hotline: 02-26235101. The line can only receive incoming calls and cannot dial out in order to ensure a free line at all time. An escort staff will be sent out right away upon receiving the call to locations within 1km of the campus. This service is available for either students who stay up late in the library or those who need to go home from the metro station. If more than one student requested for the service at the same time, a part-time student or university police will be sent out to assist the escort.

To ensure the safety and security of the escort service, the escort staffs and passengers are all insured for accidents and the speed limit is restricted at under 30km/hr. Since the commencement from three and half a years ago, the result of the service has been well recognized among teachers and students. As a result, the service frequency is fairly high during the semester. We are currently recruiting more part-time students so that their motorcycles can also be used to support the escort service at night. (The service stopped by 2018.08.01)

escort service